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With a design that exudes both athletic prowess and distinguished elegance, the all-new BMW 5 Series charms you with the unmatched glamour of a leader. The kidney grilles and headlights are directly linked for the first time ever, creating a muscular, streamlined, yet agile body.

The swage line slopes to the Hofmeister kink smoothly, lending the body an elegant coupé-like silhouette. Together with the broad rear, the design creates a generous sensation of unbeatable momentum.


The interior is an embodiment of pure sophistication and superb craftsmanship. The Sensatec-covered instrument panel lends the interior a highly exclusive atmosphere. Angled towards the driver, the centre console is designed for the most ergonomically use. The all-new BMW 5 Series offers the Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System as an option, features an outstanding studio-quality sound. Results: a truly mesmerizing audio experience.

The large amount of legroom in the back gives the rear-seat passengers an equally pleasant journey. The Nappa Leather car seats come with eight massage programs, and the Ambient Air package that fills the car with a subtle, soothing fragrance, the BMW 5 Series is nothing but an oasis.

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Adaptive Drive Mode

The new system will automatically adapt to your driving style and various road conditions by continuously adjusting the Dynamic Damper Control, steering, and steptronic transmission accordingly, therefore delivering a driving mode most suited to your needs.

Integral Active Steering

Steering is all about control and stability. With the Integral Active Steering, the rear wheels help to steer more stably by adjusting their angles of lock after measuring factors such as wheel speed. By providing extra comfort, safety and stability, such concept enhances your driving pleasure immensely.

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BMW EfficientLightweight

With the use of aluminium and ultra modern aluminium alloys, the weight of the vehicle is lowered by up to 100 kilograms over the outgoing model. This helps to balance weight distribution and lower the center of gravity, therefore improving driving performance and dynamics.


With a Coefficient of drag value as low as 0.22, the lowest in the same segment, fuel efficiency is enhanced. BMW's innovative air vent control system reduces air resistance by automatically shutting the air vents whenever the kidney grilles don't require air cooling. Aerodynamic performance is also enhanced remarkably as the Air Curtain helps to channel air stream, reducing the breaking effect of turbulence.

Driving Assistant

The Driving Assistant is here to ensure your safety and level of comfort. Be it lane changing, reversing, or everyday navigating, the system helps to monitor road conditions through over 30 sensors. Active assistance can be provided accordingly, giving you sheer driving pleasure.

Gesture Control

With BMW Gesture Control, selected infotainment functions can be operated by means of defined hand movements. Simple gestures such as 'swiping' or 'pointing' are identified in the recognition area above the centre console and trigger a function such as accepting or rejecting an incoming telephone.

Adaptive LED Headlights

Meticulous designs are instilled into the headlights. In terms of the aesthetics, the arrow-shaped design complements the athletic character of the vehicle. To ensure safety, the daytime running lights shine more brightly than the parking lights. With LED technology, less energy is consumed.

The Adaptive LED Headlights will adjust the brightness and angle of illumination according to the traffic conditions. For instance, the headlights will turn accordingly and the cornering lights will provide optimum illumination when turning the steering wheel, allowing you to see deep into corners. The system also registers the presence of other vehicles and will dim down or adjust angle to avoid dazzling other drivers.

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Wireless Charging

Charge your smartphone hassle-free by placing it on the charging dock.

iDrive 6 System

The iDrive system is equipped with a 10.25-inch anti-glare touchscreen. Based on your preferences, you can also rearrange the order of the functions on the screen, which include "Multimedia", "Telephone" and "Navigation”.

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BMW Display Key

Upgrade your driving experience with the BMW Display Key, which shows you various information regarding the vehicle’s status, including the quantity of remaining fuel, current range, service notifications, as well as the locking status of the windows and the glass roof. Auxiliary heating is also available as an upgrade option. The Key also supports wireless charging, bringing you unprecedented convenience.

Being both practical and aesthetically pleasing, the all-new BMW 5 Series embodies the charm of a leader. It not only achieves exhilarating performance, but is also dedicated to cater to your everyday needs, allowing you to reach maximum productivity and new highs.

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Leaders don’t stop, not even for a second. That’s key to taking the lead. We have interviewed several leaders in their respective industries, how do they keep their leading position at all times? Stay tuned as we unveil their secrets of their leadership and success.

Allan Zeman

Allan Zeman, former Chairman of Ocean Park, is also recognized as the “Father of Lan Kwai Fong”. How did he become such a legend? Stay tuned as we unveil the his secrets of success.

Donnie Yen

Given the name “Master of the Universe”, Donnie Yen fought all the way to the Hollywood. How did he reach this far and what were the setbacks he encountered? Stay tuned as we unveil the his road to success.

Douglas Young

Douglas Young, the co-founder of Goods Of Desire (G.O.D.), an iconic Hong Kong lifestyle and cultural trendsetter. Shares with us his ideas on becoming an inspirational figure in creativity. His thoughts on the future of Hong Kong’s creative industry and how to pass on the traditions to the next generation. Stay tuned as we unveil his road in leadership and success.

Ming-wai Lau

At a young age, Ming-wai Lau is known for being a successful businessman and philanthropist. He believes in persistence as the key to success. BMW shares the same persistent in leading the future of driving, by bringing you the latest technologies in the brand new BMW 5 Series. Watch the video now to experience BMW 5 Series with Ming-wai Lau and discover his secrets to success.

Rex Tso Sing-yu

Rex Tso Sing-yu is Hong Kong’s very own top professional boxer, nicknamed ‘The Wonder Kid’. Currently unbeaten in the WBO Asia Pacific super flyweight champion with 21 wins. Determination and dedication is the key to success he says. BMW shares the same determination when it comes the working into the field of future driving, by bringing you the latest technologies in the brand new BMW 5 Series. Watch the video now to experience BMW 5 Series with Rex Tso and explore his road to success.

Lead the Change

The new BMW 530e iPerformance comes with the fuel consumption of not just a small car: Thanks to BMW eDrive technology from BMW EfficientDynamics, a range of up to 46 kilometres is possible in the purely electric mode – with zero emission and zero fuel consumption, similar to a round trip between Wanchai and Shatin*. Combined with the 4-cylinder petrol engine capabilities with of 252 HP and 420 Nm of torque, yet the CO2 emissions are only 49g CO2/km demonstrating an impressive driving dynamics coupled with the utmost efficiency and eco-friendliness.

*Route selection is reference only. The electric range data is researched and provided by BMW AG.

Powered by Electricity

The new BMW 530e iPerformance comes with an efficient combustion engine that works in perfect harmony with a powerful electric motor. Free you from the search for electric charging spaces. In addition, the new BMW 530e iPerformance takes 2.5 hours to fully charged with a 16 Amp plug, and only 5 hours to complete a full charge with a home 13A plug . With a single charge, you will be able to travel in and out of Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories with $0 fuel cost has never been easier*.

*Calculations made under MAX eDrive mode.

Dynamic Design

The BMW 530e Saloon inherits the 5 Series’ optimized vehicle proportions, having retained the sporty business sedan’s aerodynamic stance. The vehicle silhouette features the iconic BMW Hofmeister Kink, exuding a sturdy and dynamic persona.

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